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Ms Chua with student

About Us

School of Professional Overseas Studies & Training (SPOST) was set up in 2009 with the aim of molding a positive learning attitude for students. It aims to make learning easy and fun by providing a positive and encouraging environment for students to look forward to.

With the increasing number of foreign students wishing to study in Singapore, SPOST has been set up with the aim of providing quality education to these students in addition to the provision of tuition services to Singapore students.

To differentiate SPOST from other tuition centers, one main focus of SPOST is to conduct exchange programs for foreign students to visit Singapore. In addition, SPOST will take on the role of preparing foreign students for entry into Singapore Government Schools and tertiary institutes such as Polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITEs), which is in line with the government’s vision of attracting foreign talents into Singapore as well as increasing the current population.

Teacher with two students


Our Mission is to provide a positive learning environment through developing a safe and supportive space for students to develop the love for learning. We strive to bring out the fullest potential of every student through constructive feedback and development of effective learning habits.

Our Vision is to Make Learning Easy and to Develop a Love for Learning in students.

SPOST provides evaluation tests to assess abilities of students before enrollment to ensure placement in the most suitable class. All evaluation tests provide an analysis of the student's strengths and weaknesses for parents future reference. We also provide courses that cover the necessary content for the various entry tests – English and Mathematics. Sufficient preparation would be provided to ensure that students are ready for the test. To understand the needs of the child and feel the path that they are going through. We encourage to induce positivity and optimism in children.


folded page in shape of a heart
Touch the Heart

To understand the needs of the child and feel the path that they are going through. We encourage to induce positivity and optimism in children.

2 hands holding each other
Take the Hand

To give guidance and build confidence in the child so that they become stronger and better than us. We bring out the best potential of children to help them to succeed.

brain holding a book
Teach the Brain

To provide guidance in exploring different paths of thinking so as to expand the capabilities of the mind.  We develop cognitive and creative thinking skills that can be utilized in life.

commitment to Social responsibility

SPOST strongly believes that the disadvantaged situation of students should not be the reason to hinder his/her learning opportunities. We are committed to providing assistance to students in need so as to allow them compete on a fairer ground.


As part of SPOST's commitment to Social Responsibility, we


  • Provide subsidized course fees for students who are under the financial assistance scheme

  • Provide employment opportunities for those with special needs, single moms and seniors

  • Work with partner social enterprise to retail their products and contribute to their social cause

teacher ms chua

Ms Chua

  • Graduate from SMU Bachelor of Business Management

  • Dean's list holder

  • Obtained 7 distinctions in "O" Levels

  • Specialist in Mathematics, Science, Physics and POA

  • Associate Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

teacher mr shah


  • Graduate from National University of Singapore

  • Bachelor of Art in English Language

  • Trilingual in English, Chinese and Malay

  • Specialist in English

teacher mr salizan


  • Graduate from University of Wollongong

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Highly popular and has assisted numerous students in making significant improvement

  • Specialist in English, Mathematics and Science



  • Graduate from University of London

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours

  • Highly popular and assisted many students in obtaining As

  • Specialist in Mathematics

teacher ms shafika


  • Graduate from Nanyang Technological University

  • Bachelor of English Literature (Honours)

  • Ex-MOE teacher

  • Specialist in English and Mathematics

teacher mr lee soong hei


  • Graduate from National University of Singapore

  • Bachelor of Project and Facilities and Management

  • Specialist in English, Mathematics and Science

teacher mr liauw kee meng


  • Graduate from National University of Singapore

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Specialist in Mathematics and Science

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-21 at 20.46.08.jpeg


  • 8 years tutoring experience

  • Specialist in Primary English and Mathematics

teacher ms nadia

ms nadia

  • Graduate from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

  • Bachelor of Business Marketing and Management

teacher mr lai jin yuan


  • Graduate from NTU Material Science & Engineering

  • Specializes in Primary/Secondary Science


  • Graduate from James Cook University

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Michelle Photo 1.png

Ms Michelle Tan

  • Graduate of  University of South Australia and James Cook University

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Master of Guidance and Counselling

Meet Our Teachers

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